Option1 Marketing Group Insurance Leads and Appointments 

20 Years Empowering Insurance Agents

Our number one goal is to significantly decrease, if not eliminate altogether, the time producers spend cold calling and chasing down new business prospects. Let us help you do the heavy lifting, and you can focus on what you do best, meeting with decision makers who are looking for more suitable insurance options. 

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We strive to help Insurance Agents develop a solid foundation and marketing strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve Sales, Productivity and overall Commercial Growth. Find out how we can help your agency today!

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Our Vision

Option1 Marketing Group Insurance Leads And Appointments

Founded in 2004, Option1 quickly established itself as a leading marketing and sales consulting company with an emphasis in commercial insurance which includes standard property/casualty, group health, workers compensation and various professional liability products (including E&O & D&O). Additionally our unique consulting approach focuses 100% on client goals and we implement accurate and easy to use standards for measuring accountability.

The Option1 Marketing Difference

As many of you know, telemarketing programs are generally not cheap - most firms ask you to pay large sums of money up front. To counter this, Option 1 Marketing is offering Pay-Per-Appointment programs to ease the cost of implementing an effective telemarketing campaign.